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The main benefits of having a V-Steam is to maintain your uterine health; To Detoxify you vaginal vault (your Vjayjay); To help with bladder infections; Better than douching--there are no harsh ingredients to irritate your vaginal walls; It is refreshing and cooling; It is good for poor circulation of your lower body; Promotes faster healing.
Most people ask what will a colon cleansing do and how will they feel afterwards? In a nutshell, the way you feel after a quick cleansing of the colon is tremendous. You feel lighter and free immediately and more energetic the next day. You will say to yourself like most people "why didn't I do this sooner, I love it".
Our all natural Aloe and Herbal Body Wrap formula is a scientifically balanced blend of herbs enhanced with sea vegetation. It is designed to cleanse the body of toxins that can collect due to such factors as aging, improper diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and stress while reducing inches and firming and toning the skin.

I feel so much better after having the colonic. I feel clean and lighter. That bloated tight feeling is gone and I actually sleep better.


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