Welcome to the Path of Life Healing Center for the Coach Kalu Difference



  • Get the Health You Want

    Get the Health You Want

    Be in control of your health with wellness coaching and mentoring with Venetta Kalu as your ultimate guide. Our packages will help you in your short or long term journey to optimal health.
  • Transform Your Health

    Transform Your Health

    If it’s healing you want, get it at the Path of Life If it’s balance you want, get it at the Path of Life If it’s rejuvenation you want, get it at the Path of Life
  • Modalities You Need, Want and Desire

    Modalities You Need, Want and Desire

    We offer colonics, V-steams, Body wraps, Body slimming and Body detoxifying saunas, Nutrition coaching, Weight loss coaching, and Natural remedies to rectify most health situations you are facing.
  • Cooking Classes and Seminars

    Cooking Classes and Seminars

    We will be having monthly cooking classes and healthy living seminars on Sundays. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Path of Life Healing Center!

 You receive services with that Midas Touch!  You will feel the transformation and healing your body desires in our quaint, peaceful, very inviting environment to have a good healing, relaxing and rejuvenation experience your body will love.  Services are rendered by our well trained, knowledgeable staff.  People have been receiving our services in the DMV for the past 18+ years.  Our clients come from all parts of Virginia, Maryland, DC, Baltimore, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, the Carolinas and even as far as from Germany and Africa.

Please call us to book an appointment on 301-267-3136..

We would be delighted to serve you!  However, if you have no time to call,
book an appointment on line at this link: 

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 We have SUNDAY, Evening and same day appointments when available.  We are also open some holidays!
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If radiant health and more energy is what you want,
you will get that with Path of Life Healing Center!

We offer colon hydrotherapy, body wraps, v-steam, body slimming and body detoxifying at this time.  We offer you health, healing and wellness for optimal health.  Are you a woman or man who want help figuring out what food and lifestyle changes work for you to reach your health goals?  Here at Path of Life our specialty is: 

  • resolving digestive issues,
  • lowering cholesterol numbers,
  • blood pressure and sugar numbers,
  • reducing menses symptoms (cramping, pms, etc) and
  • regaining health

We can also help you transition to a more plant-based diet.

Path of Life Healing Center is the absolute best place for you to have a wonderful healing experience.  Our quaint environment, board certified and knowledgeable Naturopathic Doctor / colon therapists, assures you will have a wonderful healing experience.  At our spa you get:

  • one-on-one personalized, private care;
  • you are not rushed;
  • you get your questions;
  • you get quality services;
  • you get a tranquil, harmonious, friendly, peaceful environment;
  • you get results.
  • Current Pic of Ms. White in 2012 DC Pageant

    Current Pic of Ms. White in 2012 DC Pageant

    Body Wraps and Saunas helped her win.
  • Current Pic of Ms. White in 2015 DC Pageant

    Current Pic of Ms. White in 2015 DC Pageant

    Colonics, Body Wraps and Saunas did the trick.

Preparing for a pageant, body building or swim suit competition, let us help you get the body you want as did Ms. White. After a series of wraps, saunas and colonics, she placed 5th in the 2012 Ms. District of Columbia Pageant USA; 4th in a 2013 DC pageant; and 3rd in 2014 DC Pageant. Click here for WRAP details / Click here for SAUNA details


301 . 267 . 3136

4600 Powder Mill Road, Suite 450- K
Beltsville, MD 20705

        Get the attention you deserve?  

One conversation with us today, could change your status for a lifetime!



Please call us, email us or book your own appointment today!   301 . 267 . 3136 | drkalu@drkalu.com…. 4600 Powder Mill Road, Suite 450-K, Beltsville, MD  20705




Book your body wraps, body slimming & body detoxifying saunas,
v-steam, natural remedies, holistic healing, cooking classes & seminars

  • Office of Coach Kalu

    Office of Coach Kalu

    Directions: From Rt. 1 when you see the signage take a right into the parking lot. From 495 when you see the signage take the second left into the parking lot. Drive to the covered parking area under the TESST sign on the left. Come through double doors and down the stairs to the entrance for Perfect Office solutions on the left. Proceed to Suite K. This address is: 4600 Powder Mill Road, #450-K. Beltsville, MD 20705. Call us when you get here because the inside door is locked.
  • About

Our SIGNATURE packages: Our signature packages are combinations of services that have been created by us for your unique enjoyment to get a taste of what we offer and to help you get results. Enjoy!  Click here to see all our packages:  Click Here.

We also offer Holistic Health coaching over several months. This is for those who needs extra special help and hand holding through difficult times.  Click here to see our coaching packages

Trim Your Body
Do you! Cleanse, detox, purify your body and lose inches at the same time to have a more toned appearance.  Also reduce the toxins and waste that causes inflammation, poor circulation, rashes and cellulite.
3 Osmotic body wrap
2 Body Slimming Detox Sauna (1hr ea)
• $330!

Know Your Body
Know what is happening inside your body before it becomes a costly problem to fix.  It’s wise to know and understand your body! Knowledge is power and self knowledge is all that and more.  A deep holistic Health Consultation coupled with the various assessments listed here will help you stay on top of your game.  You will leave the appointment with current working knowledge about your health and know what to do about it.
Holistic Health Consultation
Nail, Tongue, Face & Eye Assessment
Symptom Assessment
Herbal & Supplemental Recommendations to fix any problems before they start
• $260!

Enhance Your Body
Enhance what your mother gave you by combining the trim and know your body packages.  An abbreviated
Holistic Health Consultation with nail, tongue, face and eye assessment symptom assessment
1 Body wrap / sauna modification
1 Detox E book (12 day detox guide or Lemon Cure) TBD at appointment
Herbal, Nutritional and Supplemental Recommendations
• $280!

Refresh Your Body
Your reproductive system is the essence of your life.  You need to protect it with a fierceness.  However, it is often the most neglected part of your body.  We wash and go.  It is a good thing.  However, more care needs to be taken of the circulation to our nether regions (whole lower body).  The V-Steam / P-Steam (V= female; P=male) is most beneficial when do in a series. After 3 sessions you are taken to the next level of treatment.
4 V/P-Steams
• $300!

Now You can Book Your Appointments Online and Receive Online Confirmations to Effectively manage your appointments:

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Please Take Notice of Our Hours of Business When Booking Your Appointment:
Sun 12:30p – 4:00p — Call to book Sundays.
(2nd – 4th Sundays)
Mon & Tues   4:30p – 7:00p — We take the last person at 6:00p
Wed                 2:30p – 7:00p — We take the last person at 6:00p
Fri                   10:30a – 4:00p — We take the last person at 3:00p
All hours are by appointment



  • The Lemon Cure Detox EBook

    This is a detox that will help you have the health you want to have. Skin issues no problem, joint issues no problem. This cleanse will help you over come many little annoying issues. You can eat with this detox.
  • 12-Day Detox Guide EBook

    This is my very first detox program I established to help people get the results they want: auto-immune challenges, digestive issues, toxic buildup issues, muscular-skeletal issues This cleanse is a deep cellular cleanse and will give you results. Major results in a big way. You will also get coaching emails throughout the fasting program.
  • 5-Day Miracle Juice Cleanse

    This juice cleanse is nothing short of a miracle. This vegetable combination is very powerful giving you the results you want in a short amount of time. This EBook is tiered and has charts for juice beginners to juice extremists. Try this and you won’t be sorry you did.
  • 21 Day Clean Eating Plan

    This is a clean eating guide. You want to transition to clean eating after cleansing your body. If you are stuck and don’t know what to put into your body this book will help you. This ebook is also for those who want to lose weight. Want to lose weight or maintain your weight you too can follow this plan.
  • Kalu Kares Smoothie Take Over

    This ebook right here is the best guide to help you know what to eat/drink in the mornings. If you are stuck on what to eat for breakfast or snack on your eating plan or just because you want to do the right thing by your body, this guide is for you. There are some fantastic recipes here for regular tasty as well as protein and exotic smoothies.
  • If You are Interested in Veganism? Start Here! A Practical Vegan Diet, Lifestyles and Recipe Guide to

    The recipes in this traditionally published book are easy to reproduce and are familiar foods we all like to eat….. The foods are great American foods like, macaroni & cheese, lasagna, potato salad, pound cake, bread pudding, pizza, meatloaf, taco salad (haystacks), collard greens, and we have drinks too. The recipes are great, tasty, and easy to follow….they were crafted with you in mind! You will not miss out on taste or healthy goodness with these recipes. Most of all they are reproducible even by the least experienced cook.
  • Nine Steps to Dramatically Improve Your Health and Happiness ECourse

    This nine week ecourse has tremendous potential in helping you gain optimal health. You receive coaching emails and activities to accomplish to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle and also to achieve optimal health. This course puts you in control of your own health.

Please Take Notice of Our Hours of Business When Booking Your Appointment:
Sun 12:30p – 4:00p — 2nd – 4th Sundays (Call to book Sundays).
Mon & Tues 4:30p – 7:00p — We take the last person at 6:00p

Wed               2:30p – 7:00p — We take the last person at 6:00p
Fri 10:30a – 4:00p — We take the last person at 3:00p

All hours are by appointment










Disclaimer:  These treatments are solely for prevention, colon cleansing and detoxification and are in no way a substitute for traditional, allopathic medical care.  If you have severe symptoms or any serious disorders, it is your responsibility to seek the attention of a medical professional. Understand that in answering your questions we do not diagnose or prescribe, but offer nutritional information only to help you cooperate with your doctor in your mutual quest of building good health.  In the event you use this information without your doctor’s approval, you are prescribing for yourself which is your constitutional right.