You Are Worth More than Your Car!

Helps you from the inside outDetoxification is a universal agreement with natural healers that detoxifying your body is the most important thing you can do to restore or maintain your health. Detoxification (cleansing) does to our body what a tune up and an oil change does to your car. If you don’t maintain your vehicle it will not run properly. However, our bodies are no different. cleansing is the key to a long life of radiant health. Why, because most people are extremely toxic from all the heavy metals, environmental chemicals, food and cosmetic additives, food preservatives, and parasites that invade our bodies. The detoxification treatments will help remove these harmful things from your body extending your life.

There are a tremendous amount of cleansing supplements offered on the market that used over a fairly short period of time may have very unpleasant side effects, usually extreme headaches, nausea and flu-like symptoms. Our methods of detoxification are much different. We do it gently over a longer period of time with nothing but beneficial results. There are minimal side effects, and it can be done along with any other therapies, orthodox or holistic.

Just a thought: a detoxified system equals a strong immune system and with a good defense our bodies have a better chance at dealing with a host of health challenges and diseases. When you are ready to detoxify your body, call us at the Path of Life Wellness Center.  We are here to assist you.