Body Wrap

Herbal Body Wraps
45 minutes $80 – 95.  Includes being cocooned in a warming blanket or a warm sauna (depends on availability.
Note:  Cost depends on solution used. Typically it takes more than 3 sessions to see results.

Partial Wraps
$50. Involves wrapping one part of the body only such as the face, waist, thighs, or hips.  Please note, the face which may include the neck is wrapped for 30 min only.  The other parts are wrapped for 45 min.

Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating spa treatment. Be indulged with soothing herbal aloe vera wraps placed around your entire body to help remove unwanted inches.

Body Wrap Instructions:
A) Please bring an extra set of undergarments or a 2-piece bathing suit.
B) Please shower the day of your appointment with a clear liquid soap.
C) Please do not apply any lotions or creams to your skin. You can wear deodorant.


D) Please inform us of any allergies when scheduling your appointment.
E) Try to avoid eating foods that are:  oily, salty (chips, pretzels), or has white distilled vinegar.  Do not drink alcohol.
F) Please note that you don’t sweat during the wrap.
G) For best results you don’t want to do anything to make you sweat for 24 hrs after the wrap.  Therefore, for 24 hrs after do exercise or take a hot soapy shower.  You may take a cool shower only.  You can navigate the hot water to apply heat to wash the important parts only.

For additional information see:  Pre and Post — Body Wrap Guidelines Link:

What does the Process Involve?
The Body Wrap process involves having an aloe and herbs based product lathered onto your skin and then the body is wrapped with plastic. Almost anyone should be able to have a wrap, but if you have medical problem, check with your doctor first.

We combine our body wraps with the far infrared sauna to maximize your results. You want to come to the session showered with no lotions or oils on your skin. You may wear deodorant and bring extra dry under garments. Also, you may want to wear a thong or two piece bathing suit if you want your buttocks wrapped.

Why Face Wrapping?
A detox face wrap cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin to promote toned well-hydrated skin. Aloe has a high water content within its structure and has the ability to deliver water to all layers of the skin which is very hydrating.

Because of the ability of aloe to hydrate and the herbs to remove toxins the skin will have a toned, hydrated and tighter appearance causing one to look younger.

What are Body Wraps?
Our all natural Aloe and Herbal Body Wrap formula is a scientifically balanced blend of herbs enhanced with sea vegetation. It is designed to cleanse the body of toxins that can collect due to such factors as aging, improper diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and stress while reducing inches and firming and toning the skin.

These toxins are stored in the fluids between cells. Women accumulate these fluids from the waist down, and men from the abdomen up. The pure aloe base works as a carrier thus, transporting this unique, all natural formula to the adipose layer, breaking down hardened toxic tissue (cellulite) on contact. It is recommended that a series of 7 body wraps be applied between 3 – 7 days apart to receive the cleansing benefits as well as the inch loss and reshaping of your body.

The Aloe Herbal Body Wrap is not a temporary water loss wrap. During your series of body wraps it is important to drink a gallon of water daily for three days after the wrap to help flush out toxins and broken down fatty deposits through the body’s natural process. When combined with healthy eating habits and regular exercise you will enhance the results and benefits.

Today individuals from all walks of life seek out the benefits of body wraps. They range from people who are generally fit that enjoy the detoxifying properties of body wraps to those who want to lose inches, tighten, and tone as they lose weight. In either case “It is the missing link in a total health program.”

Who does it help?

People who want to lose inches to improve their shape.
People who want to spot reduce.
People wishing to tighten body tissue and improve definition.
Women who need hips, thighs, and upper arms tightened and lifted.
People who would like to remove toxins from their body.
Women who want to reduce cellulite.
People who want to stay firm while on a weight loss program.
Men who want to reduce their waist lines.
People who have dry or rough skin.
Anyone who wants to reduce stress and feel more relaxed.
People who want to have a more youthful appearance and feel younger.

How often can I receive services?
Body wraps can be done every 3 – 7 days for best results.