Face Analysis

Do you have question marks on the sides of your mouth and want to know why?

You don’t have to wrinkle as you age. Know what the lines, discolorations and texture changes on your face mean.  Get to know what you face is trying to tell you.

Many diseases can be detected long before symptoms are even noticed which is why early detection is the key to a healthy mind and body.  With our assistance through face, nail, tongue and eye analysis we can maximize health promotion and disease prevention.

Cost of 1 analysis with recommendations:  $80.00 for a one hour session.

It is amazing what you face, tongue, nail & eye markings, lines and texture can tell about what is going on inside your body.  Don’t be scared of it; it is good to know you from the inside out.

Face, nail, tongue, eye analysis stops disease before it starts.

It is preventive health care screening.  Don’t wait until you are sick to do something for yourself.

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