Detoxification and Wellness


Why is detoxification important?
Our philosophy is that a toxic body is at the root of all discomfort and disease.  In our modern society we produce very toxic compounds that find their way into the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the soaps and detergents we cleanse our environment with, and the lotion and perfumes we put on our skin to smell good.

The body must get rid of these dangerous substances by neutralizing them, putting them into solution and excreting them through the lymph, lungs, skin, kidneys, and bowels.  Unfortunately, not all of them get excreted efficiently. Some of the toxins are even circulated back into the bloodstream and others are stored in various body tissues such as fat tissues forming tumors.

Over the years toxins can build up in the fatty tissues which are concentrated in the brain, breast, reproductive organs and various other organ and tissues leading to a variety of health issues.

What is body detoxification?
Body Detoxification is as important to your body as taking out the garbage and flushing the toilet is to daily life in your home. Without occasional flushing out toxins with fasting, toxins accumulate causing the proliferation of parasites and waste buildup in your tissues and cells.

Detoxification is an essential part of maintaining good health because an accumulation of toxins taxes every system of the body, damages tissues, facilitates cell mutation, reduces circulation, lowers immune function and causes many unpleasant symptoms in the body related to fatigue, skin, joints, digestion, sinusitis, headaches, nausea. This internal toxic waste give rise to all types of conditions, high blood pressure, lupus, depression, chronic fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, cancers of all types, and skin conditions.

Detoxification is the process of clearing out toxins from the body or neutralizing or transforming them. This renders them harmless and reduces the symptoms of toxicity within the body.  Everyone should rest and detoxify their bodies from time to time. An increasing exposure to environmental toxins (air, water, radiation, UV, microwave), intake of chemically altered foods, poor habits (caffeine, sugar, nicotine, drugs, alcohol), high pharmaceutical drug intake and imbalanced physiological function (poor digestion, inadequate elimination, congestion, etc.) heightens this need.

How can I rid my Body of Toxins and Waste?
Colon hydrotherapy, heat sauna, body wraps all detoxify the body.  We have several programs that can detox your body at the cellular level for the best possible cleanse.  It is wise to engage in a multifaceted program; i.e., a program that combines the cleansing modalities as well as the fasting and juicing programs. Our Kalulife Enhancement 12-day cleansing program is a cellular cleanse.  We put over 2000 people on this program with great success.  It works alone or best when combined with the colonics, body wraps and heat sauna. The program consists of four parts:

Part One:  7-days of fasting: This part can be extended based upon how toxic you are, which is noted by the symptoms you have: headaches, fatigue, depression, arthritis or other diseases or debilitating conditions. Part one can be extended for 5-10 day for maximum results.  The fast can be tailored to suit your particular health concerns or needs.

Part Two:  Liver/gallbladder flushing: This is a one night flush to move toxins out of your liver and gall bladder.  The formula is sometimes changed to move hard toxins out of the kidneys.

Part Three:  5-day Raw food diet: This section consists of eating nothing but raw or live foods. A raw foods diet helps rebuild the digestive system and give your body a new start.  This section can also be extended for 5 to 10 to give your body time to rest and rejuvenate.

Part Four:  New Healthy Eating Guide:
Now you gradually return to normal.  However, you will want to prepare your self to continue to follow the principles you will learn from the information in your program folder.

Dr. Kalu has been supervising this fast for a decade helping over two thousand people overcome different health crises.  The 12-day cleansing program has given our clients tremendous results. We have seen blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol reversed; blood chemistry results get better, skin conditions clear up, etc…   Try it and see what it does for you.  If you are not interested in a 12-day program or your budget does not allow for the purchase of the items involved, we have other cleansing programs we can tailor to suit your needs.

How is a program chosen for me specifically?
Dr. Kalu takes into account your:
experience with cleansing.
past eating habits.
current health conditions and lifestyle.
potential strengths and weaknesses.
past and current patterns of elimination.
gastrointestinal response to herbal laxatives.
It is important that any detoxification program commences with a colonic irrigation to relieve the colon of waste which will facilitate the cleansing process thus lessening the symptoms that usually accompany fasting and cleansing.

What are the benefits of a detoxification program?
In today’s society the refined foods we eat lack the bulk and fiber to create the cleansing and peristaltic motion to facilitate the movement of the food through the colon. Refined flour, hardened fats, high intake of sugar, lack of water, caffeine, antibiotics, and stress all contribute to poor health in general.

Upon the completion of an herbal cleansing program with colonics, you may experience the following physical changes:

• Improved digestion
• Less bloating
• Less flatulence
• Fewer reactions to foods
• Clearer skin
• Less mucous discharge
• Improved sinus conditions
• Easier breathing
• Improved bowel elimination
•Balanced blood pressure
•Lowered cholesterol
•Balanced glucose levels• Improved detoxification mechanism
• Less headaches, backaches, joint and muscle aches
• Less body odor
• Better health
• Weight loss

You may also feel the following:
• More energetic
• Clear thinking and improved concentration
• Calmness
• Sense of lightness
• Greater control over your mind and body
• Increased vitality

How should I expect to feel on the program?
How you respond to the products and the juices will be determined by your uniqueness and your ability to adhere to the program.  Many people begin to experience the many benefits of detoxification within a few weeks and show results within a month.  Some individuals take longer to notice results. Some may do the cleansing program 2 or more times before they experience the benefits and have no reactions. However, everything you feel or experience depends upon how deeply toxic you are and how much energy your body has to release the toxins.

How do I start the program?

You make an appointment to come into the office for a consultation.  As no two people have exactly the same dietary needs or health problems, the program may be modified to suit your particular needs.  However, there are occasions when a program may be designed especially for you.

How should I prepare?

There is no specific preparation necessary.  Here are a few pointers that may help:
you will need to have become willing to change,
you will want to create the time needed to engage in the process,
you will want to read through the entire program
you may want to reduce the foods that will cause the most negative effects while
exiting your system:  caffeinated beverages, refined sugars and dairy products.

What can you expect on your first visit with me?
You receive a one on one consultation with the ability to ask the questions important to you.

The visit begins with:
It is an information gathering session, where nothing is off limits; I find a place for everything and everyone. I understand that people are complex beings, affected by their present symptoms, family history, past medical history, current medications, diet, lifestyle, emotional and psychosocial stress. I realize that everything is connected so, we talk about:
symptoms you are experiencing;
medications you are currently taking;
supplements you are currently taking;
review of current and past lab tests;
the physical problems that you are having;
your body and how it is functioning;
the many different aspects of health and disease;
the amount of stress in your life;
how you are sleeping;
how you are thinking;
how you are exercising
how you are working;
what you are eating;
and what you are drinking.

The session ends with:
The natural alternative treatments available and when necessary, the conventional treatments available to you.  The more information you have about what’s going on and what your different options are, the better decisions you are going to make about how to take care of your health. You will most likely be given recommendations on:

Herbal Supplementation
Nutritional Supplementation
Vegan/Vegetarian nutrition
Healthy Cooking Instruction
Stress Reduction
Promoting and maintaining health
Immune system building
Detoxification Therapies
Liver flush
Kidney flush
Colon health
Vegetable & Fruit juicing guidance