Colon Hydrotherapy Guidelines


Cut out dairy products:  milk, cheese, ice cream, and if you are allergic to soy cut that too.

You may have nut or grain milk, coconut, rice, almond, soy yogurt, raw organic cheese, goat cheese.

 Cut out all animal protein:  chicken, turkey, cow, lamb, goat, fish and seafood. Especially, cut out processed luncheon meats.

You may have grains, nuts n seeds, vegetables in abundance.

 Cut out recreational substances:  coffee, alcohol n black tea.  Have Pero, Caffix, Postum, Green, Red, Herbal teas

Cut out table salt n refined sugar.

You may have sea salt, Braggs liquid Amino Acids, Agave Nectar, Stevia, Raw honey, Grade B Maple syrup, xylitol, brown rice syrup, dates sugar.

 Cut out gluten or mucus-forming foods such as wheat, pasta, muffins, or crackers, etc (if you are gluten intolerant).  Keep to a minimum if you aren’t.

You may have dense hard chewy breads, multi grain breads, cereals, and gluten-free products.

Cut out all junk foods, fast foods, processed foods, sodas, sweet juices and artificially colored foods.

You may have fresh juices, organic juices and smoothies, dark chocolate.

 Cut out all deep fried foods.

You may have healthy flax, olive, coconut, sesame, safflower, sunflower cold pressed oils.  You may have other nut or flower oils not mentioned.

 *** Please do not have foods that make you gassy including:  beans, broccoli cabbage or any other foods that triggers gas in you.  Drink lots of water.

*** Please refrain from eating 2 hours before your appointment.


A colonic can sometimes trigger several bowel movements a few hours later or may also stop bowel movements for a few days if the colon lacks proper tone. Either reaction is normal. If there is cramping, it is usually a result of gas, or tension in the colon. However, most clients actually enjoy the colonic irrigation and its accompanying benefits of feeling lighter, clean, clear headed and more energetic after the process is done.

Eating immediately after a colonic is not recommended but when necessary eat lightly, eat slowly and chew well. Taking a digestive enzyme (1-2 capsules with each meal) will greatly help digestion and ease gas that sometimes occurs with high fiber intake. The more food you consume during one meal, the more enzymes you want to take. Also, gas may also be caused by imbalanced pH and a high population of bad bacteria.

Replenishing the healthy intestinal flora with a probiotic supplement after each colonic will help to restore the proper pH. Eat yogurt or take two probiotic capsules before bed on an empty stomach or ½ hour after meals. Continue taking it throughout the colonic series or until the bottle is finished.

Eat & drink raw fruit and vegetables to help detoxify.

Psyllium husk or powder will help to soften debris in the colon and assist in the session if taken twice daily for two to three days before a colonic. Take 1-2 tablespoon(s) of psyllium husk or powder with 16 oz of water or apple juice, shake and drink immediately. Follow with 8 oz water, if possible.

 Follow-ups: A weekly series of 3 are good; a series of 5 are better; a series of 7 are best; a series of 12 are ultimate to cleanse your colon and improve your health.  After your series; do 1 colonic monthly, quarterly or a yearly series to maintain your health. Don’t forget to purchase your products and schedule your next session.  (Purchase your enzymes, probiotics or yogurt & psyllium husk).

The more fresh and raw food that you eat a day or two before your colonic, the better your results will be.