Signature Packages

Trim Your Body
Do you! Cleanse, detox, purify your body and lose inches at the same time to have a more toned appearance.  Also reduce the toxins and waste that causes inflammation, poor circulation, rashes and cellulite.
3 Osmotic body wrap
2 Body Slimming Detox Sauna (1hr ea)
• $330!

Know Your Body
Know what is happening inside your body before it becomes a costly problem to fix.  It’s wise to know and understand your body! Knowledge is power and self knowledge is all that and more.  A deep holistic Health Consultation coupled with the various assessments listed here will help you stay on top of your game.  You will leave the appointment with current working knowledge about your health and know what to do about it.
Holistic Health Consultation
Nail, Tongue, Face & Eye Assessment
Symptom Assessment
Herbal & Supplemental Recommendations to fix any problems before they start
• $260!

Enhance Your Body
Enhance what your mother gave you by combining the trim and know your body packages.  An abbreviated
Holistic Health Consultation with nail, tongue, face and eye assessment symptom assessment
1 Body wrap / sauna modification
1 Detox E book (12 day detox guide or Lemon Cure) TBD at appointment
Herbal, Nutritional and Supplemental Recommendations
• $280!

Refresh Your Body
Your reproductive system is the essence of your life.  You need to protect it with a fierceness.  However, it is often the most neglected part of your body.  We wash and go.  It is a good thing.  However, more care needs to be taken of the circulation to our nether regions (whole lower body).  The V-Steam / P-Steam (V= female; P=male) is most beneficial when do in a series. After 3 sessions you are taken to the next level of treatment.
4 V/P-Steams
• $300!

Detox Your Body

Put auto-immune disease in check:  chronic fatigue, lupus, joint pain, parasites, circulation issues and lymphatic systems issues.
8 Sauna sessions
1  Body Wrap
• ONLY $495! A $555 Value

Slenderize & Detox Your Body

Lose a dress size or two and look sharp and feel great.

3 Body Wraps
1 Weight Loss & Fitness Program
• ONLY $595! A $645 Value

Heal & Revitalize Your Body

Feeling bloated and sluggish, feeling tight in the abdomen, having body aches and pains? Then this program is for you.

4 Body Wraps
4 Sauna
1 Healing Hydrotherapy Sessions
1 Detox Program
1 Know Your Body Program
1 Meal Program to help achieve your goals
• ONLY $895! A $1,185 Value

Balance & Restore Your Body

Get the life and health you want.  Balance your hormones whether you are male or female and restore your health.  Get rid of the little annoying aches and pains that keep you from moving like a teenager.

3 Saunas
3 Body Wraps
1 Reflex, Hydrotherapy Sessions
1 Know Your Body Package
1 Meal Program to help achieve your goals
• ONLY $1,000! A $1,260 Value

Slenderize & Transform Your Body

In 12 weeks, l
ose two dress sizes or more and fabulous and feel great, energized and healthy.  Be a better brand new you—for real.

7 Saunas
3 Body Wraps
2 Reflex, Hydrotherapy Sessions
1 Know Your Body Package
1 Extensive Meal Program to help achieve your goals
1 Detox Program
• ONLY $1810! A $2,110 Value

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